• Industry engagement is critical for the success of the Advanced Technology program. There are several ways that schools can engage with industry;

    ·         Explore what particular industries offer in term of opportunities for your students and staff

    ·         Establish a Memorandum of Understanding that clearly outlines what each party requirements and contributions will be.

    Michael Scarman – Industry Pathways Broker is critical in establishing industry contacts and partnerships.

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    • Industry & School Connections

      Industry engagement is critical to the success of the Advanced Technology Program. Below is a list of the regions and the main industry groups within each region. Although this project will focus on defence-related industries it is not restrictive as many of these industries will be involved in providing a range of services and or products.


      Western Schools


      Le Fevre High School


      Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance

      Australian Maritime College (AMC)

      Australian Maritime & Fisheries Academy

      J & H Williams Holdings

      Levett Engineering

      Henley High School

      Hendon Semi-conductors

      Ocean View College

      Flinders Ports

      Australian Maritime College (AMC)

      ASC (possible)

      Seaton High School

      Lockheed Martin

      Design Brains

      Northern Schools


      Valley View Secondary School

      General Dynamics (developing)


      Salisbury East High School

      Lockheed Martin Australia

      St Patricks Technical College


      Levett Engineering


      Playford International College


      Craigmore High School

      Raytheon (RAAF Base)

      Golden Grove School

      Pedare Christian College

      Gleeson College

      (Cluster of three schools that share a Trade Training Centre)

      DST Group

      Southern Schools


      Aberfoyle Park High School

      Simulation Australia

      Unley High School

      Zen Energy

      Hallett Cove School

      Automotive Safety Engineering

      Reynella East College


      Hamilton Secondary College

      Space Industry Association

      DST Group

      Victorian Space Science Education Centre

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        South Australian universities work in partnership with defence and industry to develop innovative technologies that help give our Australian Defence Industries & Forces a real edge:

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