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This website hosts moodle resources available for Literacy. This site is powered by Moodle an open source learning management system.

This site provides DECD employees with the opportunity for online communication by posting questions, ideas and stories. Discussion forums have been placed within each moodle resource for this purpose.

At present, unfortunately due to spam issues, new users cannot create an account. If you would like to join this moodle please email me trevor.gyss@sa.gov.au


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Trevor Gyss
Numeracy and literacy unit facebook
by Admin User - Thursday, 8 August 2013, 10:55 AM

The DECD numerracy and literacy unit is using social media to support the B-18 Numeracy and literacy strategy.

The unit facebook page provides an opprtunity to keep up to date with this work.



Trevor Gyss
June 1 moodle conference
by Admin User - Thursday, 9 May 2013, 10:28 AM

A professional learning opportunity about the use of moodle is available on Saturday June 1 at Glenunga High School.

The MOODLE Sessions

...pedagogy for the 21st century


The flier is attached for registrations.

Trevor Gyss
May 29 Literacy Leaders' Network
by Admin User - Wednesday, 8 May 2013, 12:21 PM

Hello everyone

We have been having issues with moodle forum email communication.

If you receicve this message i would appreciate it very much if you could send me a reply email.

Thanks in anticipation.


The next Literacy Leaders' Network professional learning program will be held on ...
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