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    Yr 5 - Yr 11

    Growing bacteria as a radiation shield

    This experiment will involve sending an enclosure with a colony of Deinococcus Radiodurans into space, with the aim to test their ability to shield radiation. The bacteria will be enclosed inside of a Perspex enclosure. To measure the radiation that is being shielded, a microdosimeter and geiger counter will be used. The colony of bacteria will be stained with fluorescent dyes and then monitored using a RGB colour sensor that will look at the bacteria. After measurements have been made with the bacteria alive, another set of measurements will be made post-mortem to investigate whether the bacteria are more effective at shielding radiation while they are alive or dead. After this the bacteria will be washed out with alcohol, and a final control set of measurements will be made. All measurements and automation will be controlled through an Arduino Nano. The Arduino nano will also send these measurements back to Earth.

    ResearchSAT, Uni of Adelaide

    The University of Sydney