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    Yr 8 & 9

    Novel radiation shielding materials

    The safety of astronauts is a paramount consideration when embarking on space travel. Space suit material can protect against short term exposure to radiation. The experiment will investigate whether novel radiation shielding materials will be capable of enduring the impact of gamma radiation over extended periods allowing for potential future applications. A test material: Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNTs) and a control material will be exposed to radiation in space through a semi-polycarbonate shell housing the experiment. Geiger counters and other sensors will be used to measure radiation levels, temperature and other parameters. Data will be stored onboard the Raspberry Pi (Version 3) CPU and transmitted via Wi-fi connection and streamed back to Earth for collation and analysis over 12 months. The data will allow researchers to determine the effectiveness of BNNTs in shielding against gamma radiation in space, which may allow for potential future applications including in space suit material and space craft design. 



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