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    Reception, and Years 1 to 7. 

    Shielding of electronics against cosmic radiation

    The goal of our experiment is to investigate the shielding of electronics against cosmic radiation in space.  Electronics will be shielded by different methods and exposed to cosmic radiation. The electronics will be monitored to determine if and when it fails. We will also be monitoring different aspects of the environment like the radiation levels, temperature and light levels, to determine if these variables are linked to the failures. Measuring light levels will allow us to determine when we are pointing directly at the sun. An identical experiment set up and operational at the school on earth will provide a control to determine whether failures are random and component based, or isolated to the space environment. This will operate within our STEM learning space along with a constantly updated display of results from the ISS experiment.  These results could be streamed online to allow other schools to also monitor the status of our experiment.

    The future benefits of the results of our experiment may assist developers to reduce the mass and expenses of putting small satellites into space by allowing them to use commercial components appropriately shielded and potentially have them last longer in space before they fail.

    Nova Systems,  Hewet, SA DST Group