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Links to other Electronics Sites

Click here for RSH Electronics RSH Electronics supply kits for all the projects on this website. If you are new to electronics I recommend buying a kit because it is a good way to be sure you have the correct parts. They also stock a wide range of components and their website is easy for beginners to use.

Click here for Electronics in Meccano Electronics in Meccano is an excellent site to browse if you want to learn about electronics, even if you are not interested in Meccano! It is run by Tim Surtell, an ex-pupil who was a member of the Electronics Club and studied A level Electronics here.

Click here for Rapid Electronics Rapid Electronics sell electronics components, project kits, tools and books. We buy many of our materials for the Electronics Club from Rapid Electronics and they really are rapid in delivery!
Rapid Education has valuable educational resources which may be downloaded free of charge.

Click here for Magenta Electronics Magenta Electronics stock electronics components and kits.

Click here for Maplin Electronics Maplin Electronics sell electronics components and kits.

Click here for Quasar Electronics Quasar Electronics stock a wide range of electronics kits and projects.

Click here for Bowood Electronics Bowood Electronics stock a wide range of electronics components.

Click here for Electronix Online Electronix Online stock a wide range of electronics components.

Click here for Boss Enclosures Boss Enclosures is a designer and manufacturer of housings in plastics and metal.

Click here for Digital-Meters.com Digital-Meters.com supply a wide range of test and measurement instruments including digital multimeters.

Click here for Sir-Kit Electronics Sir-Kit Electronics supplies home study kits at pocket money prices to help people studying for GCSE Electronics.

School Electronics has system module designs for projects, revision notes and many useful electronics links.

Click here for Electronics in Schools Electronics in Schools has links to teaching resources and advice for teachers planning to introduce electronics in their school.

Click here for GCSE Electronics on MSN GCSE Electronics on MSN is a site by A Kinsey for students preparing for GCSE examinations in Electronics. The site includes a list of revision topics with links to relevant pages on this site.

AS Electronics on MSN is another site by A Kinsey. It has a number of topics which are not covered by this site, for example Boolean Algebra and a summary of equations for AS Electronics.

Click here for Doctronics Doctronics has modestly-priced kits for sale and an on-line electronics textbook.

Click here for Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine Everyday Practical Electronics is one of the best magazines for beginners and many of the Electronics Club projects are from it.
This site includes a basic soldering guide.

Click here for Bernard Babani (publishing) Bernard Babani publish modestly priced paperback books about electronics. Their range includes project books for beginners as well as reference books for experienced constructors.

Click here for Radio-Electronics.Com Radio-Electronics.Com has free tutorials, information, data and articles about radio and electronics, also books about electronics by Ian Poole.

Click here for Electronics and Radio Today Electronics and Radio Today is a new site by Ian Poole designed for those with less experience of electronics. It covers basic components, analogue circuits, logic circuits, radio, ham radio, construction techniques and much more.

Click here for Discover Circuits Discover Circuits is a large collection of electronic circuits and schematics (circuit diagrams) in many categories. Compiled by David A Johnson.

Click here for DatasheetArchive.com DatasheetArchive.com supplies free datasheets and information for electronic components, especially for obsolete and discontinued parts.

Click here for Datasheets.org.uk Datasheets.org.uk provides free datasheets, cross-reference information and a comprehensive price guide for electronic components.

DatasheetCatalog.com is a good site to search for component datasheets.

Click here for The Scots Guide to Electronics The Scots Guide to Electronics is a wide-ranging guide to electronics with many pages suitable for beginners, such as the section on components. The site is maintained by Jim Lesurf, a reader at the University of St Andrews.

Click here for Tony's Website Tony's Website by Tony van Roon has tutorials on various electronics topics, including the 555 timer. The site includes project ideas in the 'Electronic Circuits for the Hobbyist' section.

Click here for the BAEC Archive website British Amateur Electronics Club Archive - an archive site of old British Amateur Electronics Club (BAEC) scanned and OCRed Newsletters, PicZone, Articles and useful reviews and links, including topics such as operational amplifiers and an introduction to SCART.

Click here for the PICAXE website PICAXE - an excellent way to learn about and use Programmable Integrated Circuit microcontrollers (PICs). The programming software is available to download free of charge and no specialist equipment is required other than a low-cost download lead. The site includes extensive documentation with clear instructions for beginners, making the system ideal for education and users at home.

Electronics 2000 has a beginners guide to project building, technical data, interactive formulae calculators and software downloads, including an Electronics Assistant program.

Beginners and Intermediate Electronics is a course written by Graham Knott.

Lessons in Electric Circuits is a free series of textbooks on electricity and electronics by Tony R Kuphaldt.

Control and Embedded Systems is a more advanced site by Joe Reeder covering the use of computers to control devices such as motors and lights.

Click here for GCSE.com GCSE.com has a large section on Physics with many pages relevant to electronics covering topics such as voltage, current, Ohm's law, resistors and batteries.

Click here for 101science.com 101science.com includes educational pages about electronics.

Click here for New Railway Modellers New Railway Modellers has information and advice for model railway beginners. The pages on electronic projects include a stripboard layout for our Level Crossing Lights project.

Click here for Kelsey Park Sports College Kelsey Park Sports College
Our College website.

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