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    Introduction to the Curriculum and Learning Support Division, Aboriginal Education Moodle

    To Leaders, Aboriginal Education Teachers, Aboriginal Community Education Officers, Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officers, early year’s educators and teachers.

    The Curriculum and Learning Support division, Aboriginal Education Moodle is a useful gateway to a wide array of digital resources for educators to assist us to build our capacity, skills, knowledge and dispositions. As we strive to improve the educational outcomes of all Aboriginal children and young people across South Australia it is important that we have a reliable place to store interesting resources, ideas and strategies.

    The Moodle houses a growing collection of resources which includes curriculum content, videos, conference papers, strategies, role descriptions, checklists and other items. It is envisaged that posting these resources and materials online will assist leaders and teachers to develop quality teaching and learning programs that are underpinned with a strong ‘High Expectations’ narrative. 

    The release of the Department for Education, Aboriginal Education Strategy 2019 to 2029 articulates a 10-year vision to improve education outcomes for the 11,221 enrolled in South Australian schools and preschools in 2019.

    The Moodle is regularly reviewed and updated by the Curriculum and Learning Support Aboriginal education project officers.

    Aboriginal Education Tool Kit