• Acknowledgement of country

    Acknowledgement of country - a drones eye view

    Fly overs of DECD schools shown as background video during the welcome to country at Results Plus 2017.

    Acknowledgement of Country - Results Plus, Adelaide Oval, Term 1 Week 11

    Fly overs of DECD schools shown as background video during the acknowledgement of country at Results Plus in Week 11, Term 1 2017.

    • Neil McGoran

      SACE direction and curriculum renewal drivers - Dr Neil McGoran, CE, SACE

      In the Numeracy & Literacy Results Plus Professional Learning Statewide Program 2017, Dr Neil McGoran discusses the SACE direction and curriculum renewal drivers and their alignment with Results Plus. Filmed at Results Plus Metro 1, Adelaide Oval, 30 March 2017.

      A shorter version of this video is also available:

      These videos are available on the Teaching and Learning In South Australia YouTube channel at http://tiny.cc/NeilMcGoranDECDRP17 and http://tiny.cc/NeilMcGoranShortRP17.

      • Simon Breakspear

        • Dr Julia Atkin

          Instructivism versus Constructivism Sometimes it feels like we hear conflicting messages regarding the teacher's role. There seem to be fads and pendulum swings about the nature of teachers' work and their role in the learning process. In this video Dr Julia Atkin helps clarify what the role of the teacher is really about -- if being intentional and responsive about the learning and the learners' needs. This is a useful discussion video for PLCs or to use with the community.

          • Language Disorder

            Access resources from the 'Removing the Cloak of Language Disorder' in the Secondary Years Learners Moodle space at: http://tiny.cc/SecMoodle.

            • Di Siemon videos

              Another way
              You cannot teach a concept
              Big ideas in number (full version)
              Big ideas in number (short version)
              • Professor Pauline Harris

                Recognising children's literacy capabilities: Gurdeep’s Story - Professor Pauline Harris

                Belonging, Being and Becoming literate: Exploring children's literacy capabilities through Gurdeep’s story

                Reflective Questions

                • How does your context shape meaning?
                • In your educational place what stands out as children’s early words and texts in their lives?
                • How do you engage with children’s voices to know and understand the significance of these words and texts to children and their families and communities? What do you need to focus on to improve?

                Thinking broadly about children's multi modal engagement with literacy - Professor Pauline Harris

                Children’s literacies can be many: Thinking broadly about children’s literacy engagement

                Reflective Questions
                • What is literacy in your context?
                • What do you choose to recognise and value as literacy?
                • How do you design challenging learning that acknowledges children’s home lives and understandings? How might you make this more effective in future?

                The Four Resource Model: a learning Story - planting petunias - Professor Pauline Harris

                • Connecting The Four Research Model and the Indicators of Preschool Literacy.
                • Analysing learning using the Indicators of Preschool Literacy.
                • Using the indicators of preschool literacy to analyse children’s learning

                Reflective Questions

                • How do you document and make visible children’s learning? Which of your processes need critical reflection for improvement?
                • How do you use the preschool literacy indicators to analyse children’s learning? How will you ensure a stronger analysis of learning, rather than doing?
                • How do you use your documentation to plan for, assess and foster children’s literacy growth? How will you plan for ongoing improvement?
                • Professor Bob Perry - Powerful Mathematical Ideas

                  Professor Bob Perry talks about the ‘Powerful Mathematical Ideas’ from the Early Years Learning Framework (DEEWR, 2009, p.20)



                  Structure and Pattern

                  Spatial Sense



                  Exploring the World Mathematically


                  • Professor Martin Westwell

                    • Learning Challenge

                      The Learning Challenge with James Nottingham

                      The Learning Challenge is one way to explain why more challenge leads to enhanced learning. It helps teachers structure lessons, and students challenge themselves. Created by James Nottingham (@JamesNottinghm), the Learning Challenge uses the idea of a "pit," first used by Butler & Edwards. More background information, a full description, & lesson resources can be found in Challenging Learning (2010).
                      • Pedagogic shift animations

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                        • Hannah Yates

                          We have had some requests for links to Hannah's Go Fund Me campaign after she spoke at Results Plus.