Topic outline

  • Design & Technologies Introduction


    Students design and make products from a variety of materials, solve practical problems and learn to work safely in a workshop environment. Students move through different areas and complete work using Electronics, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Digital Technologies, Wood, Sheet Metal.


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  • Workshop Safety

    Student Expectations & Work Health Safety

    • Solid covered shoes must be worn at all times.
    • Remain outside the workshop until your teacher instructs you to enter.
    • Do not leave your working area without teacher permission.
    • Long hair must be tied completely back before entering the workshops.
    • Remove loose clothes and jewellery before entering the workshops.
    • Use of earphones and unauthorised use of mobile phones and iPods is forbidden.
    • Do not use any equipment unless instructed and supervised by your teacher.
    • Bring your folder, pens, pencils and diary to every lesson.
    • Theory work is to be completed by due dates.

    All Students MUST sign the WHS agreement document below or access to the workshop will be denied.
  • Electronics

    ELECTRONICS            (3.5 weeks)

    Workshop Safety

    VIDEO - Don't test wires like this.

    SAFETY VIDEO - Fallen powerlines

    The Nature of Electricity

    • Demonstration of magnetism and electricity using coils, compasses and multimeters

    Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) in a coil -

    Ways of generating electricity
    View the following shockwave file to learn about electricity generation

    Download this Circuit Wizard file to get started.   (right mouse click - Save link as)

    Introduction to Circuit Wizard

    • Accessing Basic and Elementary Circuits in Circuit Wizard (Student Edition) Download
    • Talk through and explanation of how to use Circuit Wizard.

    Series and Parallel Circuits File

    Explore the difference between series and parallel circuits. Which circuit type is used for car headlights, why?

    Video:.(16 minutes)

    Ohms Law

    • If you were going to be electrocuted like the guy in the photo, you would want to be sure that you understood the theory behind it and probably the maths as well.


    Maths in Electronics

    Multiplier Unit sets of 3 digits

     P  = Peta - 1015

    T = Tera – 1012

    G = Giga   - 109

    M = Mega - 106

    K = Kilo – 103






     m = milli – 10-3

    u = micro – 10-6

    n = nano – 10-9

    p = pico – 10-12

    f = femto – 10-15







    How to protect your LEDs with resistors.  Online LED resistor calculator.


    Why do I have to wait for my camera flash to work again? 

    Soldering Iron


    Practice Soldering Activities

    • Cut two lengths of Tinned Copper wire 180mm long, then cut those into six 60mm lengths.
    • Arrange these in a grid pattern on the soldering iron work bench. Taping down with masking tape, making sure the wires are touching before beginning.
    • Solder the 9 joints.
    • Present these to the teacher for stress testing and feedback on technique.

    Written task - Language of Electronics  Print out this sheet and write the answers by hand, make sure your name is on it and hand it to your teacher.

    YOUR TASK 1:

    You are to solder an RGB LED to a CR2032 'button' battery holder.

    Be sure to get the LED pins in the correct polarity.

    Watch this video of how to solder the RGB LED to the button battery to make your light sabre!


    YOUR TASK 2: - Engraved image for LED glow frame.

    1. Find a suitable image or text on the internet or create your own. It needs to be a simple image with not too much detail.    See the example images provided as a guide. It must fit within 150mm x 150mm.

    2. The image needs to be saved as a Bitmap file type (.BMP) To make it easy for your teacher, please size the image to fit a 150mm x 150mm box and save the file as ‘your name’.bmp and place a copy in your teacher’s ‘submissions folder’ found on the network.    For example - S:\MAGNUSSON\8 DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY (8TECB) 

    (Use Paint, Inkscape, Photoshop or any other program that will enable you to 'save as' a bitmap.)

    3. Solder your USB cable to the LED strip as instructed by the video below.

    4. Stick the LED strip to your 'base' timber supplied and hot glue the wires to the wood.

    5. Glue your top timbers overlapping the LED strip making sure you use an acrylic spacer.

    6. Watch a demonstration on using a tenon saw and disc sander, then do the Disc sander quiz.

    7. Sand and paint/varnish your block.

    The video below is the guide to soldering your LED strip to the USB cable.

    VIDEO - Soldering the USB cable

  • Digital Technology


    What is BINARY   (2.5 Weeks)

    Representation of Data                             Data

    AC - Investigate how data is transmitted and secured in wired, wireless and mobile networks, and how the specifications affect performance (ACTDIK023)

    AC - Investigate how digital systems represent text, image and audio data in binary (ACTDIK024)


    We are going to investigate how digital systems represent text, image and audio data in binary

    • Look at the What are these? presentation. Discuss with a partner what you think they are.
    • Once you have an answer to that question then what is the image below?

    1s and 0s

    Data transfer and coding - Codes and canines

    Let's see how to count in binary:

    Task  Decimal to Binary conversion

    The Internet
    In this strand, you will look at

    Digital Systems

    Digital Systems Task

    AC - Plan and manage projects that create and communicate ideas and information collaboratively online, taking safety and social contexts into account (ACTDIP032)

    Your Task - Data & the Internet

    In a group of 3 or 4, you will create a presentation using Digital Technologies to share with the class your understanding of;

    • What is 'data' and how is it represented in the digital world?
    • What is the Internet and how does it work?
    • Select something interesting to share (Dark Web, Viruses, Integration age, latest Digital inventions, Robotics today etc.)  Search - DEEP FAKES

    taskWhere to start

    You will be provided with information and you can try to find out more from using the internet or talking to people who have some expertise in the area.

    1. Take notes/images/video from all these sources in pairs (using something like a Google Apps or titanpad may be a good idea)
    2. Organise this information (observing copyright rules)
    3. Make sure you store this information in a safe place where you can find it

    We are going to investigate how data are transmitted and secured in wired, wireless and mobile networks, and how the specifications of hardware components impact on network activities.

    • On a large scale: The physical infrastructure of the Internet - Invisible Networks
    • On a smaller scale we can look at the system in our school (school server room tour)
    • Video about computer Network types - Topology
    •  Parity bits and checksums - Packet checking

    Cables that link the continents -

    The Internet - IT Crowd

    The best inventions of 2019 - Video

    Viruses and Basic Security

    Skill: Viruses and Basic Security Lesson: Watch

    Show Phishing Emails. Some great examples here on Google Images

    Discuss social engineering and how it is very dangerous. Some examples

    AC - Define and decompose real-world problems taking into account functional requirements and economic, environmental, social, technical and usability constraints (ACTDIP027)

    Artificial Intelligence - Things you probably didn't know about -
    My wife asked me why I spoke so softly in the house?
    I said I was afraid that Mark Zuckerberg was listening!
    She laughed, I laughed, Alexa laughed and Siri laughed.
    Psychographics is a qualitative methodology used to describe/target consumers on psychological attributes. Psychographics have been applied to the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. This is what large corporations and governments use to psychologically trick you into purchasing something or believing lies.

    Smartphones: The Dark Side - Psychological addiction

    How about the time we spend on our devices - Watch this

    Is this what our future holds? -

    Our Artificial Intellegence future, what choice do we have? -

    How to DELETE and turn off your LOCATION HISTORY from google.


    If you would like to know more about the 'ETHICS' of Artificial Intelligence - look here

    • Woodwork


      Introduction to Wood

      Resources from


      Written Task - All about SA pine trees


      Video - WOOD as a renewable resource

      How to download Fusion360

      Where to download Fusion360

      How to set up a user account in Fusion

      Skills Task - Little Wooden Car


      Below are some instructional videos to guide you through the use of the FUSION 360 software


      Making the Toy car body 

      Making the Toy car wheel

      Toy car assembly

      This is the 'blank' size of the material you will be given. The wheel axle holes are 6mm and must be positioned as shown in this drawing.


      Toy Car

      Body – Pine 150 x 70 x 35mm. Learn to use traditional wood working tools.

      Design your shape on graph paper. You must have at least one straight edge.

      Mark out on your wood. – steel rule and try square.

      Cut out – tenon saw.

      Shaping – smoothing plane, file.

      Drilling – drill press.

      Finishing - sanding, painting, spraying.

      Wheels – 12mm medium density fibreboard (mdf). Learn to operate the CNC router.

      Axles – 6mm dowel

      Computer Drawing – Use the Fusion 360 program to draw your design.

      Sign or Shape

      Work in groups of 2

      Material – 12mm mdf. Maximum size 300 x 200mm.

      Learn to use Surfcam, set machining paths and machine using the CNC router.

      Finishing – sanding, painting, spraying.

      Written task - Language of Woodwork  Print out this sheet and write the answers by hand, make sure your name is on it and hand it to your teacher.


      Pedestal Drill Worksheet

      Disc Sander Worksheet

      Child's Toy Design task

       Download a copy of this Child's Toy design task document - you will need to present this work in a folder.

      Here is a PowerPoint the explains the DESIGN BRIEF process.


    • Metalwork



      How Steel is made

      Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals

      From Iron ore to Steel

      TASK - Coated Metals

      Download the task sheet on Coated Metals and research the answers to the questions. You may work in pairs but each student needs to submit their own document via daymap for assessment.

      FOLIO -

       You are required to maintain and present your FOLIO of work which will consist of:

      Page 1 - Title page, include a photo of you holding your finished utility box.

      Page 2 - Your hand drawn development of your Utility box base.

      Page 3 - CAD drawing of Utility box base development including dimensions and your name

      Page 4 - Hand drawn sketches of the ends of your box

      Page 5 - CAD drawing of the end of your box including dimensions & labels

      Page 6 - Hand drawn sketch of handle

      Page 7 - CAD drawing of handle with dimensions and labels

      Page 8 - Written evaluation of your project - download and fill in this template

      Download a copy of the Sheet Metal developmental layout task sheet.

      Printed instructions of how to draw the utility box using FUSION 360

      Video instructions of how to draw the utility box (coming soon)

      How to download Fusion360

      Where to download Fusion360

      How to set up a user account in Fusion


      Written task - Language of Metalwork Print out this sheet and write the answers by hand, make sure your name is on it and hand it to your teacher.

      Metal spinner - Download the instructions to make a metal spinner.


      Working in pairs, design and construct a 'single sheet' package from A3 paper that will protect an egg dropped from 2.5 metres.

      You have 3 lessons to complete the task, we will have a competition during the 4th lesson.

      Watch the videos below to gain an understanding of the packaging process and testing in the REAL WORLD.

      A digital camera