Topic outline

  • Exploring technology - Robots Alive research

    Robots Alive was a collaborative research project between  Department preschools, the Early Years Directorate and Flinders University. It set out to investigate whether it was possible for young children to develop the knowledge, skills, dispositions and understandings necessary for learning with, and about, digital technology.

    The project investigated the technological thinking used when a robotic device was introduced into children’s play environments and was designed to surface children’s ideas, questions and insights as they made meaning of robotics and coding.

    The project:

    • Features: A project report and site case studies
    • Highlights: Digital technology and technological thinking in preschools
    • Invites: Educators to review the report, case studies and other project resources

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  • STEM Investigations: Exploring technology - Robots Alive: A case study

    Madge Sexton Kindergarten at McLaren Vale in South Australia, participated in the Exploring technological thinking - Robots alive project.